*** The JELA contract has renewed for the 2023 PoP. If you already have Adobe FRL (offline) applications installed and you see messaging for expired licenses or sign-in prompts, please use the current LICENSE FILE(S) from the “license files” drop-down to update your licensing. The “Desktop Product Renewals and Installations” link in the “Install Guides” tab includes written instructions for how to update apps to the current FRL licensing method, as well as instructions to apply license files to already installed products. Please contact us at adobe-JELA@carahsoft.com or (877) 992-3623 with additional questions and/or support. ***

Adobe JELA
Joint Enterprise License Agreement

Army Authorized Products / Process

License Process:

  1. Users apply for a subscription to their required Adobe JELA product via the Army CHESS License Tracker System (LTS) -- https://peoeis.army.mil/chess/lts/SitePages/Home.aspx
  2. The user's CHESS LTS request then proceeds through a workflow process via the requestors unit/command G-6 and G-8; then to Army for final review and approval.
  3. Once the request from the CHESS License Tracker System is approved, users will be notified via email with instructions on how to contact their Adobe "Trusted Agent."
  4. Users then contact their Adobe Trusted Agent or comply with local help desk / ticket processes to request an install.
  5. Only Trusted Agents can then download licenses from the Adobe JELA Enterprise License Portal. https://adobe.carahsoft.com/JELA/index.php for install.
  6. To become a trusted agent, contact the CHESS Help desk for details at: 1-888-232-4405 or armychess@mail.mil.

Creative Cloud (CC)

License Type:
Annual Subscription - Limited Number of Subscriptions

Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)
The current Army Creative Cloud build is certified under CoN #: 201417988

Acrobat Pro

License Type:
Perpetual - Enterprise-Wide Army Licenses

Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)
The current Army Acrobat build is certified under CoN #: 201312575

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Document Services

License Type:
Perpetual . Enterprise-wide Army Licenses

Certificate of Networthiness (CoN):
Adobe Experience Manager is certified under CoN #: 201315404

* Adobe JELA - Joint Enterprise License Agreement includes: Creative Cloud, Creative Suite 6, Adobe Acrobat Professional & Adobe Experience Manager Document Services, LiveCycle Reader, Livecycle Forms Professional Extensions, LiveCycle Designer.

Announcement: The Adobe JELA is open for ordering by the Army, Air Force and DISA in accordance with FAR Part 51. https://chess.army.mil/CMS/A/AdobeJELA

Adobe JELA Contract: https://chess.army.mil/Content/Files/Adobe_JELA_N0010412AZF32.pdf

JELA Program Details

Program Name: Adobe JELA
Contract Number: N00104-12-A-ZF32 – KH01
Vendor: CDW-G

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Vendor CDW-G

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Phone: (888) 463-2394
Email: AdobeJELA@CDWG.com
Phone: (877) 99 ADOBE
Email: adobe-JELA@carahsoft.com