*** The JELA contract has renewed for the 2023 PoP. If you already have Adobe FRL (offline) applications installed and you see messaging for expired licenses or sign-in prompts, please use the current LICENSE FILE(S) from the “license files” drop-down to update your licensing. The “Desktop Product Renewals and Installations” link in the “Install Guides” tab includes written instructions for how to update apps to the current FRL licensing method, as well as instructions to apply license files to already installed products. Please contact us at adobe-JELA@carahsoft.com or (877) 992-3623 with additional questions and/or support. ***

Product or Download Technical Support 
If you have specific questions regarding the portal, file download or Adobe tech support, please enter a support request at: https://adobe.carahsoft.com/techsupport/

Army License Requests / Support
For license requests or questions regarding the Army CHESS process, please contact the CHESS help desk at: 1-888-232-4405 or armychess@mail.mil

Army Tech Support
For technical support questions that involve software install issues or Army system-specific guidance, please contact the NETCOM AGM Team at netcom.hq.agmsupport@mail.mil